Catch limit for TRL Fishery has increased

  • Under the Torres Strait Treaty, Australia and PNG have agreed on final catch shares for the 2017/18 season
  • It has been agreed that there will be no cross endorsement this fishing season
  • The Australian Share for the TRL Fishery is now 254,150 kg  

Details of the final catch sharing arrangements for the 2017/18 TRL Fishery fishing season are provided in the Catch Sharing Agreement 2017-18

  • TRL catch as at 7 June 2018 is 191,373 kg
  • It is not proposed that any immediate changes be made to current management arrangements
  • AFMA and it PZJA partner agencies are conscious that changes to the management of the TRL Fishery have had impacts on the livelihoods of commercial fishers and their communities.

Need more information?

Call the AFMA Thursday Island Office 07 4069 1990.

If you suspect you see illegal fishing ring the CRIMFISH Hotline on 1800 274 634.