Get ready for the Torres Strait tropical rock lobster 2021-22 season

22 November 2021

The Torres Strait Tropical Rock Lobster season starts on 1 December 2021 and the Australian Fisheries Management Authority is reminding fishers and fish receiver to get ready.

Check your licence is up-to-date

Fishers and fish receivers should make sure their licence is up-to-date. Fishers also need to make sure they have a TRL fishery entry. To check your licence call AFMA licensing on 02 6225 5555 or visit / call the AFMA Thursday Island office 07 4069 1990.

Total Allowable Catch (TAC)

TRL Fishery Sector 


TAC (kilograms) 

Number of quota units 

Value of each quota unit (kilograms) 

Available catch (kilograms) 

Traditional Inhabitant Boat (TIB) licence holders 





Transferable Vessel Holder (TVH) licence holders 



* Held in trust by the TSRA 

Hookah closures

There is a hookah closure in place for all of December and January. The first moontide hookah closure starts on 1 February 2022and will be in place during the season. This means hookah gear is not permitted for the three days either ide of the full or new moon each month.

Download a copy of the Tropical Rock Lobster Fishery Moontide Hookah Closure Calendar for 2021-22

Download a copy of the Frequently Asked Question: Moontide Hookah Closures.

Land your catch to a licenced fish receiver

Commercial fishers must land catch to a licenced fisher. Landing your catch to a fish receiver provides an accurate report of catch, so the TAC is not exceeded.

Fish Receiver reporting

Licensed fish receivers are required to report all landed catch to AFMA within 3 days.

Fish Receivers should also consider using electronic Catch Disposal Records (eCDR) forms; the system is simple and saves on paperwork.

Additional resources

Download a copy of the letter sent all Torres Strait Tropical Rock Lobster Fishery licence holders.

For more information on the fishery rules in the TRL fishery, download a copy of the TRL Management Arrangements Booklet.