Call for pre-proposals for fisheries research

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) provides funding for strategic research projects in Torres Strait fisheries guided by advice from the Torres Strait Scientific Advisory Committee (TSSAC). The TSSAC is currently seeking research proposals (for up to three years) for recommendation to AFMA and other bodies for funding starting in 2014-2015. Proposals are encouraged in (but not limited to) priority research areas identified in the TSSAC 2013 Annual Operational Plan for Torres Strait fisheries (Word, 318kb). To apply for funding, applicants should prepare a pre-proposal using the TSSAC 2014-15 pre-proposal template (Word, 42kb)  and submit to the AFMA c/o Alicia Sabatino, by 30 August 2013. The TSSAC will evaluate pre-proposals based on criteria of attractiveness and feasibility. The specific evaluation criteria used by the TSSAC are detailed in the 2013 Annual Operational Plan. A strong emphasis on assessing proposals will be placed on the ability of research proposals and principal investigators to engage Torres Strait Islanders in the research process in meaningful and culturally appropriate ways  including employment. Researchers will be notified of the TSSAC’s evaluation of proposals in November 2013. Individual applicants may be invited to prepare a full proposal in early 2014 based on evaluation of the pre-proposals. The pre-proposal template, Annual Operational Plan and other information can be found below or by contacting Alicia Sabatino (alicia.sabatino [at] Key documents: