PZJA meeting 23 - 8-9 April 2014


Agenda Item Item
i Coffee/Tea
1 Welcome and opening prayer
2 Update on fishery performance
3(i)(ii) Compliance updatesDomestic complianceForeign compliance
4 Capacity building achievements and challenges
5 PNG update
6 Outcomes of PZJA Stakeholder Meeting
7 Native Title update including outcomes from the Cairns summit
8 Indigenous Reference Group update
8 Morning tea break (30min)
9 Lessons learned from the Maori Fishing Trust (Q&A)
10 Pathway to 100% ownership


Tropical Rock Lobster management arrangementsTraditional inhabitant tender numbersMoon-tide closure

Management plan

12 PZJA Administration Review
  Lunch break (30 mins)
13 Licensing arrangements
14 Administration i)                    Torres Strait Prawn Fishery VMS guidelinesii)                   Delegations

iii)                 2010/11 Annual report

15 PZJA priorities
16 Other business
17 Closing Prayer



Decision Record

Update on fishery performance

 2.1   The PZJA NOTED an update on each of the Torres Strait Fisheries.

Compliance updates

3.1   The PZJA NOTED an update on domestic compliance arrangements and achievements in the Torres Strait Protected Zone for the 2013/14 financial year.

3.2   The PZJA NOTED an update on foreign compliance activities in Torres Strait.

Capacity building, achievements and challenges


4.1   the achievements in the development of the capacity of Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal fishers and communities; and

4.2   that changes to licensing regulations could encourage further development of the Traditional Inhabitant fishery.

Papua New Guinea Update

 5.1   The PZJA NOTED a verbal update from representatives of the Papua New Guinea National Fisheries Authority.

Outcomes of PZJA Stakeholder Meeting

 6.1   The PZJA DISCUSSED a summary of the outcomes of the PZJA Stakeholder Meeting held on 8 April 2014.

Native Title update including outcomes from the Cairns Summit


7.1   a verbal update on Native Title matters from Mr Joseph Elu, Chair of the Torres Strait Regional Authority; and

7.2   the resolutions of the Torres Strait Sea Forum Summit (Cairns Summit) held in January 2014.

Indigenous Reference Group update

 8.1   The PZJA NOTED a summary of the outcomes of the Indigenous Reference Group held on 17-18 March 2014.

Lessons Learned from the Maori Fishing Trust (Q&A)

 9.1   The PZJA NOTED the presentation from Mr Douglas and took the opportunity to discuss specific matters of interest in detail.

Pathway to 100% ownership

 10.1  The PZJA ACKNOWLEDGED and SUPPORTED the aspirations of 100 per cent ownership of Torres Strait fisheries by Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal Traditional Owners and also ACKNOWLEDGED and RECOGNISED the rights of existing non-traditional fishers in the Torres Strait;

10.2  The PZJA NOTED the draft Road Map to 100 per cent Ownership and ENDORSED the TSRA seeking comments from Torres Strait Communities and other stakeholders;

10.3  The PZJA AGREED to establish a Working Group which will consider the draft roadmap; and

10.4  The PZJA AGREED to request the Commonwealth Minister for Indigenous Affairs to support access to Indigenous Business Australia funds and the Indigenous Land Fund to support the pursuit of these aspirations.

Tropical Rock Lobster Management Arrangements


11.1   NOTED the correspondence from two Native Title representative bodies relating to the proposed management change relating to tender numbers; and

11.2   AGREED to an unlimited number of tenders able to be attached to a Traditional Inhabitant (TIB) licenced primary vessels;


11.3   The importance of single tender operators and important role they play in the TIB fishery;

11.4   the need for consistent management arrangements between the indigenous and non-indigenous sectors of the fishery:

11.5   that marine survey requirements for commercially registered vessels restricts the number of crew permitted on board during and thereby restricting the maximum number of tenders;

11.6   all tenders must be owned and licensed under the same name as the primary vessel; and

11.7   with unlimited tenders the current boat size structure of the TIB primary vessel fleet would most likely allow only one vessel tow more than five tenders.

11.8   The PZJA AGREED to the re-introduction of the moon-tide hookah closure for the 2014 Tropical Rock Lobster fishing based on the calendar provided.

11.9   The PZJA AGREED to release a draft Tropical Rock Lobster Management Plan for public comment as soon as practicable;

11.10            NOTING that the consultation could occur in conjunction with consultation on the draft roadmap to 100% ownership.

Administration Review


12.1    implement the detailed short term changes to administrative arrangements for the PZJA; and

12.2    PZJA agencies developing the long term detailed changes to administrative arrangements for the PZJA.

 Licensing Arrangements

 13.1    PZJA AGREED to investigate the removal of fees for Traditional Inhabitant Boat licences.


 14     (i) Torres Strait Prawn Fishery Vessel Monitoring Guidelines


14.1     the Vessel Monitoring System Guidelines;  and

14.2     publish the Guidelines on the PZJA website in accordance with 5.6(1) of the Torres Strait Prawn Fishery Management Plan 2009.

 14 (ii) Delegations

14.3     The PZJA AGREED to the delegation of PZJA powers under Section 38 of the Torres Strait Fisheries Act 1984 (the Act) to appropriate staff with the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) and the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (Fisheries Queensland).

 14 (iii) 2010/11 Annual Report


14.4     ENDORSED the Torres Strait Protected Zone Joint Authority Annual Report 2010-11 for tabling in the Australian Parliament in accordance with Section 41 of the Torres Strait Fisheries Act 1984;

14.5     SIGNED the title page at Attachment B for inclusion in the final report; and

14.6     AGREED to combine three outstanding annual reports (2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14) to bring the reporting period back in line with the most recent financial year.

 PZJA Priorities

 15.1     The PZJA DISCUSSED a set of PZJA priorities for the next five years.

 Other Business – Maximum Boat Length

 16.1    The PZJA AGREED to task the Standing Committee to investigate the request to increase the Traditional Inhabitant Boat length to 23 metres; and make a recommendation to the PZJA within 6 months.

Presentation from the Maori Fishing Trust

Maori Fishing Trust Presentation - customary fishing rights in the modern New Zealand Context