PZJA Out of Session Decision 10 December 2014

OOS Transferability of non-Traditional Inhabitant beche-de-mer licence


  1. remove the sunset licence condition on the remaining non-Traditional Inhabitant beche-de-mer (BDM) licence, making it transferable only in the event that it is purchased by the Commonwealth (in this context the Commonwealth includes the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) and the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA)).


  1. that amending the licence conditions attached to the remaining non-Traditional Inhabitant BDM licence is not likely to be a future act under the Native Title Act 1993 and therefore does not require Native Title notification;
  2. that following the purchase of the non-Traditional Inhabitant BDM licence by the Commonwealth, the commercial BDM fishery will be fully owned by Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal Traditional owners; and
  3. that any future decisions relating to the transfer of the BDM licence, once held by the Commonwealth, will be referred to the PZJA.