PZJA Out of Session decision - developmental permits for pearl shell


1.       NOTED that consistent with the PZJA decision on 5 August 2015 at the 24th Meeting AFMA sought and received applications from pearl shell fishers, with the following conditions:

a.       all applicants hold a valid licence, with a pearl shell endorsement;

b.       developmental permits will only be valid for 12 months;

c.        developmental permit holders will be required to complete catch logbooks; and

d.       no more than 2000 shells within the size range of 100-130mm will be permitted to be taken across all permits issued.

2.       NOTED that the decision to enable the granting of Developmental Permits for the activities described above included consideration of the outcomes of Native Title notification.

3.       AGREED to issue Permits for Developmental Purposes in accordance with section 12(1) of the Torres Strait Fisheries Act 1984 to the eight applicants.

4.       AGREED for the Chair to sign and date the Permits for Developmental Purposes at to give effect to the decision above.

(the PZJA Chair signed the permits on 1 March 2016)