PZJA out of session decision record 28 May 2015

(OOS) Licensing Arrangements for Traditional Inhabitant Boat Licences (PZJA2015-02)


  1. AGREED to maintain Traditional Inhabitant Boat (TIB) licensing fees at status quo for 2014/15 and re-visit after the current holistic review of licensing has been completed.
  2. NOTED:
    • The objective to pursue economic independence for Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal people through sustainable use of marine resources and implementing supporting licensing policy.
    • That the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) invests revenue from TIB licences into fisheries related capacity building activities in Torres Strait communities.
    • The licensing system provides some basis for monitoring who is fishing and effort levels in Torres Strait Protected Zone (TSPZ) fisheries and underpins good fisheries management.

(OOS) Increasing Maximum Boat Length (PZJA2015-03)


  1. AGREED to work with PZJA forums and stakeholders to determine appropriate maximum boat length policies on an individual fishery basis.
  2. NOTED:
    • There may be economic and employment opportunities should the maximum boat size limit be increased in some fisheries.
    • That previous discussions on increasing boat size have not been widely supported and significant consultation and negotiation will be required before any changes can be implemented.
    • All Torres Strait fisheries are already investigating optimum boat size.