PZJA Out of Session Decisions 10 May 2011

1.1 The PZJA AGREED to:

a)  Conduct structural adjustment in the Torres Strait Tropical Rock Lobster fishery through purchase of non-Indigenous (TVH) licences.

b)  Introduce catch quota through a Management Plan for the Torres Strait Tropical Rock Lobster fishery.

1.2 The PZJA AGREED to adopt the proposed Communication Strategy in the event that structural adjustment is announced for the Torres Strait Tropical Rock Lobster fishery.  

1.3 The PZJA AGREED to issue a number of Processor-Carrier (TPC-C) licences to the TSRA to be leased out on a yearly basis. Tender conditions agreed to by the Standing Committee, including those relating to towing of fishing dories and accommodating of crew, will apply to these licences.

1.4   The PZJA NOTED that if a buy-out in the lobster fishery is agreed to, the PZJA will buy the licences offered for sale and the TSRA agree to negotiate with potential lessees to lease back to the TVH sector for a period of up to ten years with a guarantee that lease conditions will not be restricted by additional conditions such as area closures, without the full agreement of the parties to the lease.

1.5 The PZJA NOTED that recommendations on leasing arrangements are based on the following key points:

a) Purchased non-Indigenous licences will be surrendered on the contract date or other date agreed to by the signing parties.

b) The interim management arrangements will be removed following the announcement of a structural adjustment package.