PZJA Out of Session Decisions 19 February 2009

The PZJA made following decisions by correspondence on the 19 February 2009:

With respect to the Torres Strait Prawn Fishery (TSPF) the PZJA;

1) AGREED that the preferential entitlements in the Torres Strait Prawn Fishery held by Papua New Guinea and the Australian Government will be held in trust by the Australian Government for 2009 and not otherwise utilised, capping the effective effort in the fishery at 9,200 days.

2) AGREED to set the TAE for 2009 at 12,325 days on the basis that:

(a) the Prawn Fishery Management Plan is determined and  implemented; and

(b) the PNG and Australian Government held units are used as outlined above.

(c) and that this decision is reviewable if the conditions do not come into effect.

3) NOTED that in order to allocate the full 9,200 days of effort to Australian operators it is necessary to set a TAE of 12,325 to achieve 9,200 fishing days as the effective effort.

4) AGREED to the following pursuant to section 16 and paragraph 35(1)(a) of the Torres Strait Fisheries Act 1984:

a) Fisheries Management Instrument No. 1 – Prohibition on Taking Prawns Prawns (Time Allocation, Transit Zone, and Designated Anchorages);

b) Fisheries Management Instrument No. 2 – Prohibition on Taking Prawns Prawns and carrying equipment;

c) Fisheries Management Instrument No. 3 – Prohibition on Taking Prawns Prawns and Carrying Equipment (Seasonal Area Closure);

d) Fisheries Management Instrument No. 4 – Prohibition on Taking Prawns Prawns by Papua New Guinea Boats; and

e) Fisheries Management Instrument No. 5 – Revocation of Fisheries Management Notices 19 and 61;