PZJA Out of Session Decisions 23 January 2009

Please note a full version of the PZJA out of session decisions will be included in the record of the PZJA 23 meeting.

1.1        The Torres Strait Protected Zone Joint Authority (PZJA) NOTED:

(a)        that in the absence of a Tropical Rock Lobster (TRL) management plan, which would give effect to a new output management system, interim arrangements are required to manage effort in the fishery in 2009;

(b)        that there is a process underway to consult with the Management Advisory Committee and stakeholders and further recommendations may be forthcoming once this process is finalised; and

1.2       The PZJA AGREED:

(a)       That in the event that stakeholder submissions in relation to interim management arrangements for the 2009 season cannot be considered before the season commences the 2008 interim management arrangements will be extended for the 2009 season only, or until such time that other arrangements are agreed. These arrangements will:

(b)       reduce by 30% the number of tenders each non-community licence holder may use; and

(c)        maintain “moon/tide hookah closures” three days before, on, and three days after, either the full or new moon each month

1.3       The PZJA AGREED:

(a)       To the development of a five year tropical rock lobster business plan that will describe an agreed approach to the future operating environment and describe each sector's aspirations for allocation and management of the tropical rock lobster fishery. The five-year business plan will recommend practical measures to transition towards that future, including addressing training and infrastructure needs and business partnering opportunities.

(b)       To the development of a ten year strategic plan for Torres Strait fisheries that will describe a vision for the Torres Strait and broad strategies to achieve that vision.