Torres Strait Prawn Management Advisory Commitee (TSPMAC) meeting 16



1          Preliminaries

1.1       Chairs opening remarks, welcome of new members, opening prayer and traditional owner welcome

1.2       Apologies

1.3       Adoption of agenda

1.4       Declarations of interest

2          Meeting Administration

2.1       Actions and/or business arising from previous TSPMAC meetings (EO)

3          Reports

3.1       Native Title update (Jerry Stephen as Malu Lamar director). For Noting.

3.2       Industry update – 2015 season to date. For Noting. (Industry – verbal update)

3.3       Management update. For Noting. (AFMA)

3.4       Domestic compliance Report (QDAF)

3.5       Data report – final 2014 and 2015 season to date catch and effort trends For Noting. (Clive Turnbull)

3.6       ABARES report on TSPF economics For Noting. (ABARES)

3.7       For discussion (Andy Bodsworth).

4          Management

4.1      Future operating environment of the TSPF – where to from here For discussion/ decision. (AFMA)

4.1.1   Economic pro’s and con’s of TSPF management arrangements (ABARES)

4.1.2   Season dates For Discussion. (Industry)

4.1.3   Boat and gear restrictions For Discussion. (AFMA)

4.2      14 TSPMAC #16 Item 4.2 2015 TAE Setting For Decision. (AFMA)

4.3      TSPF Management Plan 2009 amendments For Discussion. (AFMA)

4.4      Amendments to Turtle Excluder Device legislation For Decision. (AFMA)

4.5     Bycatch and discard workplan For Decision. (AFMA)

5         Finance

5.1      Draft AFMA and QLD 2015/16 draft budget For Noting. (AFMA and QDAFF)

6         Other business

6.1       Closing remarks and closing prayer



TSPMAC 16 chairs summary

TSPMAC 16 minutes (word, 800kb)