Torres Strait Prawn Management Advisory Committee (TSPMAC) Meeting 13

13 December 2012 8:30 am Northern Fisheries Centre - 38-40 Tingira Street, Portsmith, Cairns

Agenda (PDF, 77kb)

1 Preliminaries

1.1 Chairs Opening Remarks

1.2 Apologies

1.3 Adoption of Agenda

1.4 Declaration of Interests

2 Meeting Administration (PDF, 239kb)

2.1 Ratification of Out of Session items (EO)

2.2 Ratification of TSPMAC No. 12 meeting record (EO)

2.3 Actions and/or business arising from previous TSPMAC meetings (EO)

3 Reports (PDF, 415kb)

3.1 Industry update – 2012 season to date (verbal) (Industry)

3.2 Management update (AFMA)

3.3 Compliance report - Season update on activities (QB&FP)

3.4 Environment report (AFMA)

3.5 Data report (Research)

3.6 Torres Strait Scientific Advisory Committee (QDAFF)

3.7 TSPF sustainability assessment (Roland Pitcher)

4 Management (PDF, 42kb)

4.1 Update on the Torres Strait prawn perceptions consultation (Anthony De fries)

4.2 Update on Turtle Excluder Devices from US TED Accreditation visits (QDAFF)

5 Other business (PDF, 21kb)

5.1 Catchlog e-log systems

5.2 Dates and location for next meeting

Chairs Summary and Minutes