Torres Strait Scientific Advisory Committee (TSSAC) Meeting 59

19-20 November 2012 Venue: Ecosciences Precinct, Boggo Road, Brisbane


1. Meeting Administration

1.1. Preliminaries - Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners/Chairs Opening Remarks/Meeting attendance/Declaration of Interests/Apologies (verbal update)

1.2. Review and Adoption of Agenda (verbal update)

1.3. Correspondence (verbal update)

1.4. Ratification of TSSAC 58 Minutes

1.5. Action Items from TSSAC 58

2. TSSAC Research

2.1. Finalised Research Projects (verbal update)

2.1.1. Management Strategy Evaluation

2.1.2. Sandfish Survey on Warrior Reef

2.1.3. Reef Gardens

2.2. Current Research Projects

2.2.1. TRL surveys

2.2.2. Empowering Torres Strait Islanders to have greater Engagement in the Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) Process

2.2.3. Characterization of the traditional subsistence fisheries in PNG Treaty Communities (verbal update)

2.2.4. Smart phone technology for remote data collection in Torres Strait Traditional Inhabitant finfish fisheries

2.3. Other AFMA funded research projects

2.3.1. Targeted Indigenous Community Consultation in the Torres Strait (verbal update)

2.3.2. Sustainability assessment for Trawl byctach in the Torres Strait Prawn Fishery

3. TSSAC Processes (verbal updates)

3.1. 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 Budget

3.2. Research pre-proposals assessment

3.2.1. Climate Change impacts on key Torres Strait Bech De Mer species

3.2.2. Invasive fish species in Torres Strait Islands

3.2.3. Identification Guide for Sea Cucumber

3.2.4. Torres Strait Sea Cucumber Management Strategy Evaluation

3.2.5. Action Plan for increasing Torres Strait islander participation in the Torres Strait Finfish fishery

3.2.6. Implementation of Community - Based Management Plan and Harvest Strategies(CBMPHS) for two Torres Strait Communities

3.2.7. Operational Implementation of Community based Sea Cucumber Harvest Strategies across Torres Strait

4. Update from Torres Strait Working Groups and Committees

4.1. Tropical Rock Lobster Resource Assessment Group (AFMA to update)

5. Other business

5.1. Call for Pre- Proposal Process

5.1.1. Investigating options for attracting pre-proposal applications (verbal update)

5.1.2. Papua New Guinea and Australia collaborative research opportunities (verbal update)

5.2. Commissioning an independent assessment of past and present turtle and dugong scientific research

5.3. Climate change (verbal update)

5.4. Confirmation of TSSAC No. 60 (verbal update)


If you require a word version of the attached documents, or other information please contact the Torres Strait Prawn Management Advisory Committee Executive Officer at lisa.cocking [at] or ph: (02) 6225 5451 if you require any further information.