Torres Strait Scientific Advisory Committee (TSSAC) Meeting 60

14 - 15 March 2013 

 Eco-sciences Precinct, Boggo Road, Brisbane



1.    Meeting Administration

1.1.  Preliminaries - Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners/Chairs Opening Remarks/Meeting attendance/Declaration of Interests/Apologies

1.2.  Review and Adoption of Agenda

1.3.  Correspondence

1.4.  Ratification of TSSAC 59 Minutes

1.5.  Action Items from TSSAC 59

2.    TSSAC Research

2.1. Current Research Project Overview

2.2.Research Project Presentation

2.2.1.    Characterisation of the Traditional subsistence fisheries in PNG Treaty Communities project

2.2.2.    Sustainability assessment for trawl by catch in the Torres Strait Prawn Fishery

2.2.3.    Desktop review of Turtle and Dugong research in the Torres Strait

 3.    Update from PZJA and AFMA working groups and Committees

3.1. Hand Collectables Working Group

3.2. Tropical Rock Lobster Non-Indigenous Stakeholder Meeting

3.3. Torres Strait Prawn Management Advisory Committee

3.4. Indigenous Fishers Advisory Committee Meeting (IFAC)

4.    TSSAC Processes

4.1. 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 Budget

4.2. 2012 Annual Operation Plan review

4.3. Full proposals assessment

  • Dr Tim Skewes (CSIRO) – Bech-de-mer Management Strategy Evaluation
  • Dr Nicole Murphy (CSIRO) – Bech-de-mer Identification Guide
  • Dr David Welch (C2O) - Vulnerability of Torres Strait Fisheries and supporting habitats to climate change
  • Dr Tonya Vandervelde (CSIRO) - Torres Strait Research Repository

 5.    Other business

 5.1.Managing and Evaluating completed projects

 5.2.Climate Change Adaptation 5.3.Confirmation of TSSAC No. 61