Tropical Rock Lobster Catch Watch Report - May update

  • The sustainable catch limit for this season is 190,650 kg, pending final agreement with PNG.
  • The total reported catch to date is 167,301 kg or 88% of the catch limit. 
  • AFMA is investigating outstanding catch disposal records, estimated to total 20,000 kg.
  • Based on these estimates, the remaining catch available is likely to be 5,000 kg. 
  • AFMA will advise fishers and the community with further information as soon as practical.
  • Appropriate compliance action will be taken where fishers and/or fish receivers have breached reporting requirements.
  • The TRL Fishery will be closed when the sustainable catch limit is caught.
Month Reported catch (kg) 17 May 2018†
Dec - 2017 14,787
Jan - 2018 13,050
Feb - 2018 60,040
Mar - 2018 43,728
Apr - 2018 31,700
May - 2018* 3,996
Total 167,301*

*The May catch report figure includes data reported up to 23 May 2018.
† The landed catch figures are sourced from catch disposal records (TDB02). There are a number of records currently outstanding, causing under-reporting. The landed catch figures do not include any unreported catch.

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