Native Title Notifications

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA), on behalf of the PZJA, consults with registered native title body corporates (RNTBC), registered native title claimants and any representative Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander bodies in accordance with section 24HA(7) of the Native Title Act 1993. Section 24HA(7) sets out when, and for what processes, a formal Future Act Notification and Native Title Notification must be undertaken. In addition, AFMA engages with RNTBCs, registered claimants and representative bodies through formal consultation and as invited participants on the PZJA consultative forums. 

Below you will find a list of the future act notifications that have been undertaken by AFMA and a link to the consultation documents.

For more information on each consultation process please click the links in the below table.


Native Title Notification Number Title Status Close date
NTN2019-10 TSPF BRD trial scientic permit Closed 29 August 2019
NTN2019-09 TS BDM stock survey scientific permit Open 10 September 2019
NTN2019-08 TRL stock assessment survey scientific permit Closed 19 August 2019
NTN2019-07 TVH transfer 2018-19 TRL season Closed 16 August 2019
NTN2019-06 PNG cross endorsement 2018-19 TRL season Closed 3 July 2019
NTN2019-05 Finfish sunset permit granting 2019-20 season Closed 14 June 2019

TRL TAC and TVH conditions

Closed 30 May 2019
NTN2019-03 TRL Quota allocation Closed 12 July 2019
NTN2019-02 TVH licence final licence conditions after final TAC Closed 1 March 2019
NTN2019-01 TSPF TAE 2019-2020 Closed 15 February 2019
NTN2018-07 TRL Fishery TVH licence conditions for season 2018-19 Closed 13 November 2018