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    The Torres Strait Protected Zone Joint Authority (PZJA) is responsible for the management of all fisheries in the Torres Strait Protected Zone (TSPZ).

    The TSPZ is defined in the Torres Strait Treaty which was ratified in 1985 between Australia and Papua New Guinea. The Torres Strait Treaty was entered into by Australia and Papua New Guinea in February 1985.

    The Treaty sets out a framework to guide both countries in providing for the management, conservation and sharing of fisheries resources in and around the TSPZ. It also sets out guidelines for the enforcement of fisheries legislation.

    The principal purpose in establishing the TSPZ is to acknowledge and protect the traditional way of life and livelihood of the indigenous inhabitants of the area including their traditional (subsistence) fishing and their traditional right of free movement.

    The Treaty also requires the Australian and PNG Governments to protect and preserve the marine environment and indigenous fauna and flora of the area.

    In October 1996 the PZJA agreed that all commercial fishing in the Torres Strait should come under PZJA management. Recreational fishing, including charter fishing, and marketing are still managed by Queensland Department of Agriculture and Primary Industries.

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    Page last updated: 17/02/2023