Applications open for PZJA committee members

The appointments will be from 1 July 2022 until 30 June 2025, for the positions listed below: 

  • Finfish Working Group - Chair, 2 Scientific Members (socio-economic expertise welcome), 1 Scientific Permanent Observer & 1 Industry Permanent Observer 

  • Finfish Resource Assessment Group - Chair, 3 Scientific Members & 1 Industry Permanent Observer 

  • Hand Collectables Working Group - Chair & 2 Scientific Members (socio-economic expertise welcome) 

  • Tropical Rock Lobster Working Group - Chair, 1 Scientific Member, 1 Scientific Member (economics expertise) & 3 Industry Members 

  • Tropical Rock Lobster Resource Assessment Group – Chair, 2 Scientific Members & 2 Industry Members 

  • Torres Strait Scientific Advisory Committee – Chair & 4 Scientific Members (socio-economic expertise welcome) 

  • Torres Strait Prawn Management Advisory Committee – Chair, 5 Industry Members & 1 Scientific Member. 

Please note that all Traditional Inhabitant Industry Members for PZJA forums were selected through a separate process and have been appointed until 31 June 2022. 

PZJA consultative forums 

Management Advisory Committees (MACs) and Working Groups (WGs) provide the PZJA with management advice. They report to the PZJA on policy and operational matters, where relevant, relating to the management of Torres Strait, including scientific, research and other information about the status of fish stocks and the impact of fishing on the marine environment. MAC and WG advice is used to inform the PZJA’s management decisions and records from past meetings can be found on the PZJA website

Resource Assessment Groups (RAGs) provide the PZJA with scientific and economic advice on the biological, economic and wider ecological factors affecting fisheries and RAG advice is used to inform PZJA’s management decisions. RAG advice is used to inform AFMA’s management decisions and records from past meetings can be found on PZJA website


The Chairs of PZJA consultative forums play a key role in ensuring thorough and effective discussion about particular fisheries consistent with each forum’s Terms of Reference. The Chair is the primary communication link between the consultative forum and the PZJA and other PZJA consultative forums. 

Scientific Members 

The role of Scientific Members is to: 

  • Contribute impartial scientific, environmental, economic or social science expertise to consultative forum deliberations; 

  • Contribute to and conduct peer review of data, information and analyses tabled at consultative forum meetings; and 

  • Provide advice to the PZJA forum on the latest scientific, economic, social science issues of relevance to the fishery. 

Industry Members 

The role of Industry Members is to: 

  • contribute to consultative forum deliberations, knowledge and experience relevant to the particular fisheries and the fishing industry generally; 

  • contribute fisheries expertise to achieve the best resource assessment outcomes for the fishery; 

  • regularly and impartially report to and liaise with other operators in the fishery on the activities of the consultative forum. 

For more information on the roles and responsibilities of Chairs, Scientific and Industry Members, and Permanent Observers please see the PZJA Fisheries Management Paper 1

How do I apply for MAC, WG or RAG membership? 

To be considered for industry positions on any of the MACs, WGs or RAGs please submit a written expression of interest (no more than one page) specifying which MACs, WGs and/or RAGs you are applying for and outlining your relevant experience and/or qualifications. 

For all other positions, please submit your curriculum vitae and a brief cover note summarising your relevant experience, qualifications and reason for your application. Please specify in your application which MACs, WGs and/or RAGs you are applying for. 

How do I submit my application? 

Expressions of interest need to be submitted to the AFMA before close of business 27 April, 2022 and can be submitted by post, email or facsimile: 

Post: Elissa Mastroianni 

Northern Fisheries 

Fisheries Management Branch 

Australian Fisheries Management Authority  

PO Box 7051  


Or email:  


Please contact Steve Hall on (02) 6225 5341 or email if you require further information about the role of MAC, WG and RAG members and the selection process.  

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