The Torres Strait Scientific Advisory Committee (TSSAC) is the committee that takes a leading role in determining research priorities and assessing proposals for Torres Strait Fisheries related research each year.  The TSSAC meets 2-3 times a year and facilitates an annual funding round, and administration of Torres Strait fisheries related research projects. Research priorities are identified in the five year strategic research plan, which is in turn used by researchers to develop five year fishery research plans. These documents are listed below.

Funding Rounds

The PZJA released calls for research in September each year. The next call for research is scheduled for September 2023. Monitor this site for more information about the research applications being sought, in September.

Research reports

Historic research reports

The PZJA are currently in the process of uploading research reports from research funded by the Torres Strait Scientific Advisory Committee.  A number of these publications are already available on the publications page of the website.  You can also view Torres Strait research and data via the CSIRO marine and atmospheric research data centre.

Research documents

In 2018, the new procedural framework for undertaking research in the Torres Strait was introduced. The framework outlines a clearly stepped process for researchers to follow at the different stages of research for Torres Strait fisheries research projects, from the pre-proposal phase through to implementation and post project. This framework should be used in conjunction with the Torres Strait research application, and other relevant Torres Strait research documents such as the annual research statement and five year strategic research plan. It outlines the consultation that should occur with Torres Strait communities for different kinds of Torres Strait research and how to go about this.



Historic Research reports

The CSIRO Marine Research Repository

List of AFMA funded Torres Strait research undertaken between 1980 and 2003 is available on the CSIRO marine science publication and metadata collection page

Learn more about the CSIRO marine science publication and metadata collection on the About page.