Consultation and communication

The Torres Strait Protected Zone Joint Authority (PZJA) is advised by a framework of management advisory committees made up of Torres Strait Islander fishers, commercial fishers, fisheries managers and scientists. Recreational fishing is managed under Queensland law.

Consultation and communication can be difficult across the scattered islands of Torres Strait, but are important elements in the effective management of the region’s fisheries. The consultative committees are therefore complemented by meetings between fisheries officers and fishers in communities around the Torres Strait. These meetings are supplemented by fisheries programs broadcast on Radio Torres Strait and articles/advertisements in the Torres News.

Management Advisory Committees

The role of Torres Strait Fishery Management Advisory Committee (TSFMAC) is to advise the PZJA on management issues for the fisheries managed under the Torres Strait Fisheries Act 1984. It provides the forum where issues relating to the fisheries are discussed, problems identified and possible solutions developed.

The outcome of these deliberations determines the recommendations TSFMAC will make to the PZJA concerning the management of relevant fisheries. The TSFMAC is expertise based, advisory in nature and makes recommendations to the PZJA on management and operational issues.

All TSFMAC Members must be aware of the PZJA’s legislative objective and functions and of the continuing need to take these into account in their deliberations.