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    TSPMAC memberships

    The Torres Strait Prawn Management Advisory Committee is made up of representatives from government, non-traditional inhabitant industry members, traditional inhabitant industry members, research experts and and independent chair. A full membership list is in the table below.

    TSPMAC Membership – Current term ending 30 June 2025

    Representation Member
    Chair Mr John Glaister
    Executive Office AFMA
    Traditional Inhabitant John Abednego
    Traditional Inhabitant Rocky Stephen
    Traditional Inhabitant Horace Baira
    Traditional Inhabitant James Akiba
    Traditional Inhabitant Gavin Mosby
    Industry, non-Traditional Inhabitant Mr Edwin Morrison
    Industry, non-Traditional Inhabitant Mr Shawn McAtamney
    Industry, non-Traditional Inhabitant Mr Glen Duggan
    Industry, non-Traditional Inhabitant

    Mr Clinton Farman

    Industry, non-Traditional Inhabitant Mr Jim Newman
    TSRA Fisheries Policy Officer
    AFMA AFMA staff member
    Research/ scientific member Clive Turnbull
    QDAF QDAF staff member
    Papua New Guinea* NFA Fisheries Officer
    Papua New Guinea* NFA Fisheries Officer
    DFAT* Treaty Liaison Officer
    DAFF* Policy Officer
    ABARES* Economist
    MALU LAMAR Maluwap Nona


    *permanent observers on the TSPMAC. These people are not a part of the quorum in the decision making processes but are invited to attend all meetings if they choose.


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