Electronic catch disposal records streamlines catch reporting for Torres Strait fish receivers

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) has launched an electronic Catch Disposal Records (eCDR) form as part of the Torres Strait Fish Receiver System. This will provide Torres Strait fish receivers with a fast and easy way to electronically report landed catch information to AFMA.

With less paperwork and no need to post or email paper CDR records, fish receivers will benefit from electronically submitting their CDRs directly to AFMA in real time. Fishers also benefit by receiving a notification from AFMA when fish receiver submits an eCDR of the catch landed.

Using the electronic system is simple and can be accessed via computer, mobile phones or tablets.

Fish Receivers and Fishers are encouraged to visit the Electronic Catch Disposal Records page on the PZJA website to find more information.

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