When is my PZJA meeting?

This page has a list of upcoming PZJA committee meetings.  For meeting agendas and papers please visit the PZJA committees page. This page also includes meeting agendas, papers and minutes for historic meetings. Upcoming PZJA committee meetings:

Protected Zone Joint Authority Advisory committee meetings & key dates




Key Business

1 Jan 2021

Hand Collectable Fishery season opens: Beche-de-mer, Trochus, Pearl Shell

28 Jan 2021

PZJA Meeting


TRL TAC for 2020-21; Finfish TAC for 2021-22.

1 Feb 2021

Tropical Rock Lobster Fishery opens to hookah fishing, subject to moon-tide hookah closures*

Prawn Fishery 2021 season opens.

8 April 2021

TS Scientific Advisory Committee


Assessment of research pre-proposals.

30 April–3 May 2021 

Black teatfish opening, 20 tonnes

9-10 June 2021

TS Scientific Advisory Committee


Assessment of research project full proposals. Presentation of two finalised projects.

1 July 2021

Torres Strait Finfish Fishery 2021-22 season opens.

26-27 July 2021

TRL Working Group and industry workshop

Horn Island

Review of select input controls as recommended by TRLWG industry members.

21-23 July 2021

Hand Collectable Resource Assessment Group 1

Thursday Island

Outcomes of black teatfish opening, consideration of stock survey outcomes against harvest strategy, ecological risk assessment, research priorities.

24-25 August 2021

Hand Collectable Working Group 18

Thursday Island

Outcomes of black teatfish opening and future management and research priorities

2-3 Sep 2021

Finfish Resource Assessment Group 10

Cairns (TBC)

Review of new data available from 2020-21 season to support 2022 stock assessment, research priorities.

30 Sep 2021

Tropical Rock Lobster Fishery 2020-21 season closes.

14-15 Oct 2021

Finfish Resource Assessment Group 11

Thursday Island

Spanish Mackerel stock assessment outcomes and Recommend Biological Catch advice.

27-28 Oct 2021

  1. TRL Resource Data Subgroup 2
  2. TRLRAG 31


  1. Review of data needs.
    Improvement of data collection and analysis.
  2. Research priorities and updates to the five-year research plan.

25-26 Nov 2021

Finfish Working Group

Thursday Island

Provide advice on Total Allowable Catches for 2022-23 season.

Early-mid Nov 2021

CSIRO led underwater survey of tropical rock lobster abundance.

30 Nov 2021

Prawn Fishery 2021 season closes.

30 Nov– 1 Dec 2021

TS Scientific Advisory Committee

Thursday Island

Research priorities for 2022-23 funding round and longer-term priority planning.

1 Dec 2021

Tropical Rock Lobster Fishery opens for freediving and lamp fishing only (no hookah gear).

15-16 Dec 2021

TRL Resource Assessment Group 32

Thursday Island

Review CSIRO pre-season TRL underwater survey results.

17 Dec 2021

TRL Working Group 12

Thursday Island

RAG meeting outcomes, preliminary or final total allowable catch (TAC), further consideration of input control review, future management priorities.

Updated on 25 June 2021 – Dates of meetings may be subject to change.

To confirm dates and for more information ring AFMA Torres Strait Office on (07) 4069 1990.

Download a PDF of the upcoming PZJA Fisheries Consultative Meetings & Key Dates 2021.
If you would like to attend any of the above meetings and are not a member, please contact the relevant chair through the PZJA committees page to seek approval.