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    Depending on how your boat will be operating with other boats, you may need a carrier (or processer-carrier) licence.

    There are three classes of carrier licences:

    • Class A is required for a primary boat to process and carry product taken by its associated tender boats. This licence is required for all primary boats.  
    • Class B is required to carry product taken by other licensed fishing operations. The product taken from other licenced fishing operations cannot be processed while aboard.
    • Class C is required to process and carry product taken by other licensed fishing operations. The boat on this licence cannot be used for fishing.


    Apply for a carrier licence

    To apply for a carrier licence, lodge an application.

    New Class B licences will normally only be issued to licensed fishing vessels in the Torres Strait or boats which are legitimate cargo vessels (i.e. meeting cargo vessel survey certificate requirements). The one exception is for pearl shell where new carrier licences are still issued.

    New Class C carrier licences are only granted to traditional inhabitants who own the boat nominated on the licence.


    Transfer a carrier licence

    You can apply to temporarily or permanently transfer a carrier licence.

    A Traditional Inhabitant cannot transfer a carrier licence to a non-traditional inhabitant.


    Nominate a new boat to a carrier licence

    If you want to use a different boat than the one recorded on your licence, you will need to lodge an application.

    You cannot use the new boat until your application has been processed and the new boat is recorded on the licence.

    A maximum boat length of 20 m applies with exemptions for some cargo vessels.

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    Page last updated: 17/02/2023