Torres Strait Fishing Boat Licence

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    Torres Strait Fishing Boat Licences (also known as TVH licences) allow commercial fishing in some fisheries.

    AFMA does not issue new Fishing Boat Licences but existing licences holders can apply to renew or transfer the licences.

    The fishing boat licence can authorise fishing in one or more of the following fisheries:

    • Prawn fishery (PR)
    • Tropical rock lobster fishery (CR)
    • Beche-de-mer (BD)
    • Pearl shell fishery (PL)

    The person in charge of each boat nominated on a Fishing Boat Licence must have a Master Fisherman’s Licence.  

    If the licence authorises the use of a tender boat, the tender boats must always operate in association with the primary boat listed on the licence.


    Renew a Fishing Boat Licence 

    Fishing Boat Licences expire after 12 months.

    Renewal applications are sent to licence holders approximately 6-8 weeks before the licence's expiry date. Licence holders must renew their licence no later than three months after expiry.

    If you need to renew an existing licence, but have not received your renewal application, contact AFMA on 1300 723 671.


    Transfer a fishing boat licence

    Licences can be permanently or temporarily transferred by lodging an application. If the licence is temporarily transferred, ownership does not change.


    If there is a carrier licence associated with the same boat, you must also transfer the carrier licence to the new fishing boat licence holder. 


    The new licence holder must ensure that the fishing operation has the necessary number of Master Fisherman’s Licences.

    If you transfer ownership of your last fishing boat licence with a prawn fishery (PR) entry, you must transfer all of your remaining prawn quota.


    Nominate a new boat to a Fishing Boat Licence

    If you want to use a different boat than the one recorded on your licence, you will need to lodge an application. You cannot use the new boat until your application has been processed and the new boat is recorded on the licence.

    Each fishery has different restrictions on replacing a boat with a larger boat. Refer to the Guide to Licensing Arrangements in the Torres Strait if you are considering using a larger boat than your current one.

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    Page last updated: 17/02/2023