Torres Strait Master Fisherman’s Licence

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    If you hold Fishing Boat Licences or Sunset Fishing Licences, there must be at least one person on each nominated boat (including tender boats) who holds a Master Fisherman’s Licence.

    Master Fisherman’s Licences are not required if you hold a Traditional Inhabitant Licence.

    A Master Fisherman’s License is also not required for the primary boat in a primary-tender package if no fishing occurs directly from the primary boat.


    Apply for a master fisherman’s licences

    New Master Fisherman’s Licences are only issued to:

    • Traditional Inhabitants for use in any fishery  
    • Australian citizens for use in the Prawn Fishery or where granted for use with a Sunset Fishing Licence

    You can lodge an application for a new Master Fisherman’s Licence.

    Some non-traditional inhabitants hold Master Fisherman’s Licences with a requirement that they work on a specific fishing operation. A Master Fisherman’s Licences can be issued to a new person nominated by the fishing operation if an existing licence is surrendered. The fishing licence holder must send a letter, the surrendered Master Fisherman’s Licence, and an application to AFMA.


    Nominate a different boat to a Master Fisherman’s Licence

    If your Master Fisherman’s Licence requires that you work in a specific fishing operation and the primary boat for that fishing operation changes, you will need to apply to amend your licence.


    Renew a Master Fisherman’s Licence

    Master Fisherman’s Licences held by Traditional Inhabitants or in the Pearl Shell Fishery expire after five years. All other Master Fisherman’s Licences expire after 12 months.

    Renewal applications are sent to licence holders approximately 6-8 weeks before the licence's expiry date. Licence holders must renew their licence no later than three months after expiry.

    If you need to renew an existing licence, but have not received your renewal application, contact AFMA on 1300 723 671.

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    Page last updated: 17/02/2023